Best shop vacuum for drywall dust

‍Image Source: Pexels‍ When you’re working on a home remodeling project or tackling other DIY construction projects, cleanup is essential. Drywall dust is one of the biggest annoyances when working with plaster and lath. You see, while they are both materials used in construction, they are quite different. The texture of drywall makes it especially … Read more

How to Exfoliate your Skin: Dove Body Polish

What is Exfoliation? ‍Image Source: FreeImages‍ Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy skin beneath. It can be an easy, at-home treatment but also a very painful and uncomfortable experience in salon. Exfoliating is not just for your face. It’s a key step in any skincare routine because it … Read more

7 DIY Facial Spray Recipes to Make in Your Kitchen

Do you want flawless skin?

A diy facial spray is the most effective way to boost your skin’s health.
Mist your face when your skin needs hydration or you start to feel gross
from sweating. Because they’re non-greasy, they also don’t affect your
makeup. You can use them as a face toner, makeup setting spray, or facial
oil and moisturizer in a pinch.

Nontoxic DIY Cleaning Spray: How to Make All Purpose Cleaner

Common household cleaners are full of toxins and home-polluting chemicals.
Sure, they make domestic, modern-day life easier. But at what cost? Learn
how to make all purpose cleaner at home that’s completely nontoxic. Our DIY
cleaning spray helps your entire family live healthier.

The Best Homemade Face Moisturizer with Healing Properties

Taking care of your skin is a necessity, especially as you age. The best
way to put your best face forward is to drink plenty of water each day.
Next comes making sure your skin is perfectly balanced — not too oily or
dry. Homemade face moisturizer (or facial oil) is the most effective way to
stabilize problematic skin and maintain poise.