DIY Projects to Try Before You Buy: 20 Everyday Products Anyone Can Make

Do you run to the store each time you run out of soap? Are you spending
over $10 for a single personal care item, like shampoo or deodorant?

Stop buying store-bought products and learn how to do-it-yourself. Some DIY
projects are easy enough for all ages and skill levels.

7 DIY Facial Spray Recipes to Make in Your Kitchen

Do you want flawless skin?

A diy facial spray is the most effective way to boost your skin’s health.
Mist your face when your skin needs hydration or you start to feel gross
from sweating. Because they’re non-greasy, they also don’t affect your
makeup. You can use them as a face toner, makeup setting spray, or facial
oil and moisturizer in a pinch.

How to Make Infused Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Vinegar is one of the best natural disinfectants available. Science shows
how white vinegar destroys bacteria and viruses, often as effective as
using chemical cleaners like bleach. It’s safe and effective for many
surfaces in your home. But alone, vinegar is stinky and etches away natural
materials over time.

How to Make a Reusable Heating Pad

A heating pad eases aches and pains or stiffness in your joints and
muscles. It’s an excellent go-to for various soreness – such as menstrual
cramps, arthritis, muscle aches, or back and neck pain. In this article,
we’ll show you how to make a heating pad at home. All you need is an old
sock, rice, lavender essential oil, and a microwave.

DIY Massage Oil: The Only Essential Oil Blends You Need

Massage oil is among the easiest bath and body DIY projects. With a solid
base recipe of skin-loving oils, you can modify it with essential oils for
all your massage needs. The result? Boutique-quality massage oil to use in
the comfort of your home.

The Natural and Safe Face Steaming Routine

You don’t need a fancy face steam machine or a spa professional to achieve
a relaxing facial. DIY facial steaming is a skin treatment you can do at
home to cleanse, nourish, and leave your skin (not to mention your spirit)
feeling luxurious. In this article, we’ll show you the steps for a natural
and safe face steaming routine. Check out our top herb and essential oil
picks to customize your steam after.