How to make body oil for glowing skin

Overview ‍Image Source: Unsplash‍ You probably have a face oil in your beauty arsenal and may even have a body butter for when you’re feeling especially dry. But what about something in between? A body oil is the perfect solution to hydrate your skin without being too heavy on the surface or too light to … Read more

What essential oils are good for menstrual cramps

Overview ‍Photo by monicore on Pixabay Did you know that aromatherapy can help reduce menstrual pain and discomfort? Essential oils are the perfect remedy for this time of the month. They not only reduce the pain but also aid in other post-period symptoms like stress, fatigue, and insomnia. Knowledge about essential oils has been rediscovered … Read more

10 Best Uses for Tea Tree Oil for Skin Problems

10 Best Uses for Tea Tree Oil for Skin Problems ‍ Photo by BelindaNash on Pixabay ‍ If you love natural beauty remedies, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of tea tree oil for skin. In fact, with so many different skincare products on the market these days, it’s no wonder that natural remedies … Read more

Nontoxic DIY Cleaning Spray: How to Make All Purpose Cleaner

Common household cleaners are full of toxins and home-polluting chemicals.
Sure, they make domestic, modern-day life easier. But at what cost? Learn
how to make all purpose cleaner at home that’s completely nontoxic. Our DIY
cleaning spray helps your entire family live healthier.

The Best Homemade Face Moisturizer with Healing Properties

Taking care of your skin is a necessity, especially as you age. The best
way to put your best face forward is to drink plenty of water each day.
Next comes making sure your skin is perfectly balanced — not too oily or
dry. Homemade face moisturizer (or facial oil) is the most effective way to
stabilize problematic skin and maintain poise.

How to Make Nontoxic Room Spray

No one loves candles, incense, and room sprays like Febreze or Glade more
than I did — until the day they started giving me mind-numbing headaches.
Commercial products are made with artificial scents that are full of
chemicals. These toxins are well-known to cause issues like headaches,
particularly in people who have sinus issues, severe allergies, or
sensitivities to chemicals.