Best shop vacuum for drywall dust

‍Image Source: Pexels‍ When you’re working on a home remodeling project or tackling other DIY construction projects, cleanup is essential. Drywall dust is one of the biggest annoyances when working with plaster and lath. You see, while they are both materials used in construction, they are quite different. The texture of drywall makes it especially … Read more

5 Simple Melt and Pour Soap Recipes That You Can Make At Home

Overview ‍Photo by phuonghoangthuy on Pixabay ‍ Many people think that making soap requires a lot of special equipment and complicated processes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, making your own soap is much simpler than you might think. You can make your own soap at home using a process known … Read more

How to Make a Natural Mosquito Repellent

‍ You know the feeling: It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’ve finished work early. The perfect opportunity for an afternoon hike in your local park. But just as you’re about to leave, someone mentions the word “mosquitoes.” Your heart sinks and the perfect afternoon goes from bad to worse. But don’t fret; there are … Read more

DIY Projects to Try Before You Buy: 20 Everyday Products Anyone Can Make

Do you run to the store each time you run out of soap? Are you spending
over $10 for a single personal care item, like shampoo or deodorant?

Stop buying store-bought products and learn how to do-it-yourself. Some DIY
projects are easy enough for all ages and skill levels.

Nontoxic DIY Cleaning Spray: How to Make All Purpose Cleaner

Common household cleaners are full of toxins and home-polluting chemicals.
Sure, they make domestic, modern-day life easier. But at what cost? Learn
how to make all purpose cleaner at home that’s completely nontoxic. Our DIY
cleaning spray helps your entire family live healthier.

7 Tips for Zero Waste Gardening Beginners

Gardening is the best hobby to have if you want to live sustainably and be
completely self-sufficient. While there are many other beneficial reasons
to grow a garden at home, from having direct and cheap access to organic
produce to reducing your carbon emissions footprint, the part I enjoy the
most is how gardening is low-waste.

How to Make Infused Vinegar Cleaning Solution

Vinegar is one of the best natural disinfectants available. Science shows
how white vinegar destroys bacteria and viruses, often as effective as
using chemical cleaners like bleach. It’s safe and effective for many
surfaces in your home. But alone, vinegar is stinky and etches away natural
materials over time.